1. My favorite singer (of favorites) is the Mighty Sparrow for these reasons : a. Although he has risen to fame as a Calypsonian, Sparrow possesses the ability to sing (convincingly) in a variety of other styles ranging from Jazz to Pop b. On a personal side, his corpus of works spans from early 1950’s to the present, encompassing all stages of my physical and musical development. I can recall any period simply by listening to a Sparrow song from that time. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him as arranger and keyboardist c. The people (audience) conferred fame upon Sparrow. His music and image were not ‘thrust upon the public’ as with media stars of today. The man is a cultural icon in the true sense
  2. At the moment, I’m listening to No Pan for Carnival, a composition by Raf Robertson ( outstanding Trini pianist, with Vincie roots). The song is a candidate for inclusion on Garvin Blake’s Pan-Jazz cd which I am currently arranging — soon to be released.
  3. Recommended book: Innocent C. Onyeweunyi, The African Origin of Greek Philosophy (Nigeria: University of Nigeria Press, 1993)
    The author holds a Ph.D in philosophy. US Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas is his former student. For me, the book subverts the myth of ‘rational Greeks, emotional Africans’ as taught in courses on Western Civilization
  4. Going to St Vincent is, for me, ‘returning home’. Looking forward to :Seeing relatives (e.g. my cousin Kenny Cordice). Friends from my childhood at Mckies Hill and Pauls Lot (Miss Tab, the Saint Hillaires, Mutt, …) Musician friends (Lio Smith, Jazz saxophonist; a family friend from my father’s time). School friends (such as Dr Fraser, whom I have known since ‘ABC'; John Horne, nephew of my first formal music teacher, Eunice Horne; Clifford Edwards, SVBGS.) All performers and supporters of the Arts — Calypsonians, The Kingstown Chorale, instrumentalists… On the appetitive side, mango, banana, plum-rose, yellow plum ….Regarding the three pieces I’ve been asked to play, it’s too early to be specific; however I can promise they will be songs the audience should recognize and enjoy.
  5. Child photo attached. Taken at Pauls Avenue, my birthplace, in the backyard of my grandfather’s house, where my parents first lived after getting married. The ‘secret’ will reveal itself upon close examination of the picture.