Stefan Walcott

Stefan Walcott

1. Who is your favourite singer and why

Ruben Blades because you can hear so much of the tradition in his voice.

2. What song are you listening to now

Short Stories by Quite Sane, check that out, seriously.

3. Recommend a book Fiction or Fact

Anything by Stuart Hall but Representation and Signifying Practices is a marvelous text.

4. Guest Blogger:

I am looking forward to seeing my old student, Darrien Ollivierre. and other SVG friends. Prepared to be challenged aurally and entertained by the Original Unit.

5. Tell us a secret:  Tell us something about you  and/or send a baby/child photo of yourself.

I really like Lionel Richie’s Tuskegee Album and for those that know me, country and Western and Lionel Richie are big stretches.