Let’s meet up at the Naniki Music Festival 2018 for WA ROHO ‘An Ancestral Journey from Africa’ Two amazing shows, over two days at the enchanting Naniki – Suriname, St. Joseph, Barbados. Starring Canada based Jazz Pianist Eddie Bullen, Award winning songstress Melba Moore and Splash Band on Saturday 20th. Then on Errol Barrow Day – Sunday 21st, the spotlight is on Mylon Clarke / Andre Forde’s Jazz Ensemble, Cuban, Canadian, UK sensation ‘Three Horn Madness’ and for the first time ever on any stage, Lil Rick with Black Banana singing his hits, like you’ve never heard them before.

The best music festival near the coast of the Caribbean

Traveling is one of the most fun activities in the world regardless of your background and financial abilities: even a short road trip to a nearby town can turn out to be a unique, unforgettable experience. Imagine what you can happen to live through if you travel to Barbados to visit a local music festival. Are you excited to find out what to do there? Let’s get started.

What should you expect from the Naniki Barbados Music Festival?

If you are a fan of jazz, you will like the event held in Naniki, Barbados. The motherland of Rihanna, this Caribbean country is an ideal spot for great music under the sunny sky. Once you come to the festival and enjoy the inaugural musical ride, you will hardly forget this country and local musicians.

From dusk till dawn you will listen to pianists, trumpeters, and bands from the most unexpected world regions. All of them are professionals in what they are doing: entertaining crowds and creating great jazz music. You will dance with girls in the fan zone, taste local food, and sunbathe under the Caribbean sun. Who knows, maybe you will meet the love of your life here as well?

How to meet Barbados girls at the festival?

Be yourself

The first thing we advise you to do to meet Latin brides for marriage is to be yourself. Don’t try to look better than you are and pretend to be wealthier, smarter, or more confident if you are not that rich, educated, and shy. It’s okay to be yourself when it comes to conquering Latin brides since these girls never give a chance to fake people.

Look stylish

How do men look when they come to a music festival? They don’t care about their outfits most of the time and prefer wearing comfortable t-shirts, bright pants, and a pair of old sneakers. If you want Barbados Brides to notice you, think about dressing up differently to the majority of men who will attend the Naniki Music Festival. Consider adding some accessories to your outfit or more classy clothes to your looks, and you will be in the center of local women’s attention.

Don’t be afraid to start a small talk

If you see a girl you like, do not wait for her to notice you. Although Latin brides are pretty outgoing, they do not rush to meet foreigners once they see them around. Therefore, you should not hesitate to come up to a Caribbean Bride to get acquainted with her. Even if you see her in the company of her friends, feel free to approach her and start a conversation. You may not have another chance to see this woman again, so why should you lose it now?

Be positive

Even if you did not manage to get the number of a Latin bride right away, do not worry. There are a lot of other women attending the Naniki Music Festival these days, so you can try meeting other girls during the event. To be successful in networking on such festivals, stay positive and do not get frustrated fast despite the results you get. Rome was not built in a day, remember?

Refrain from pick-up techniques

You might be tempted to start a conversation with some equivocal lines to draw the attention of Latin Brides, but please don’t do it. Behaving like a pick-up master will not take you far and will rather scare off potential Caribbean girls. Your task is to make girls want you so do not ruin your chances with filthy behavior.

Show your desire to get to know each other better

Although a music festival is quite a good place for meeting new people, it might be tough to date someone there: the music is loud, and you will not hear each other well. So be ready to ask a lady’s number or a social media contact to drop her a message later and invite her for a drink. By the way, Caribbean women love decisive men a lot.

What Caribbean Mail Order Brides are like?

Now that you know how to find a girlfriend in Naniki, Barbados, we would like to remind you why they are worth your attention:

They are hot

You cannot reject the fact of the Latin brides’ exceptional beauty and sex appeal. These women are some of the hottest in the world, and you will notice it once you step down on the Barbados land. They are tanned, charismatic, and have a perfect curvy shape that you won’t forget. If you want to see all kinds of Latin women's beauty, come to the next Naniki Barbados Music Festival.

They are fun

Caribbean women are lively, fun, and friendly. They have a lot of friends and adore meeting new people, that’s why you can feel like you’ve been acquainted with them all your life once you meet them. They are quite pleasant to talk to and experience new activities together, e.g. riding a motorcycle, dancing, diving, etc.

They are smart

Barbados women are well-mannered and educated, although many of them cannot afford to go to college. Yet these girls love reading a lot, so they grow up intellectual and interesting. Also, they prefer to learn from other people’s mistakes, so you will not regret having such a smart partner by your side.

They can turn your life upside down

Caribbean girls are passionate, expressive, and honest. That’s why dating them can be some of the most memorable experiences in your life: these women do not play games and do not look for rich partners as well. All they want in their lives is love and acceptance, so if

you are ready to provide them to a Barbados bride, your bond will be strong and lasting.


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